New Recruiting Target: Zach Johnson

News came out on Saturday morning that 2014 guard Zach Johnson has been offered by Butler. Johnson, a Florida native, has never publicly appeared on Butler’s recruiting radar. But the offer is not too much of a surprise as he appears to be able to fill the need of a point guard and he is a winner, something not only the staff, but also the fans, like.

I got a chance to talk with the prospect last night. Here is our question and answer:


TH: How’s school and basketball going for you?

ZJ: It’s all going great right now.

TH: So when did Butler first contact you?

ZJ: About two and a half weeks ago.

TH: Did they come and watch you at all? Do you know what Butler coach is primarily you?

ZJ: (Yes,) they saw me on the AAU circuit. (No,) they have been in contact with my high school coach.

TH: What AAU team do you play for?

ZJ: Team Breakdown.

TH: What all do you know about Butler?

ZJ: Not much, it is a new school on my list.

TH: When did you pick up the offer?

ZJ: A few weeks ago.

TH: What are your current offers?

ZJ: FGCU, Wright State, Murray State, LaSalle, Rhode Island, Georgia Southern, Tennessee, and Butler.

TH: How would your describe your game to someone who has never seen you play?

ZJ: Aggressive defender, athletic point guard, and a good play maker.

TH: Many people have been confused on whether your a 2014 or 2015 prospect. Could you explain that situation?

ZJ: I announced I was a 2015 but I’ve decided to stay 2014 then weigh all my options at the end of the season.

TH: What are your goals for this season? What are you working on in your game?

ZJ: To make sure my team finishes top 10 in the country. I’m working on defending off the ball, using pick and rolls, and becoming a better point guard.

TH: Do you have any goals on what you want to do in college?

ZJ: Just to go to a school where we have the chance to make it to the tournament every year.

TH: Anything else you are looking for in a college?

ZJ: A place where my game (play style) won’t be changed.

TH: Player you model your game after?

ZJ: Victor Oladipo.

TH: Favorite basketball player?

ZJ: LeBron James.


TH: Now for some fun facts!

TH: Favorite sports teams?

ZJ: Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins

TH: Favorite subject in school?

ZJ: History?

TH: Do you have an intended major?

ZJ: Maybe Business Management.

TH: If you could go one place in the world, where would it be?

ZJ: Paris.

TH: Favorite food and restaurant?

ZJ: Hot wings and the Cheescake Factory.


Johnson is a player we will keep our eye on throughout the high school season because if he does stay in the 2014 class, a decision will not come until spring.