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Inception of A Bulldog: The Live Blog of Butler's Arrival In The Big East

Inspiration is the key to success.

That statement is a piece of advice my father gave to me in the early years of my childhood, and while at the time I never fully grasped it’s meaning- that to achieve creativity one must build from what they know-today I realize that it can be applied to a simple, but important, concept; my return to The Bark of Hinkle.

The inspiration that I currently operate with arises from two sources: my viewing of Inception, one of my all time favorite movies, for the “umpteenth” time and the “Diary Writing” format that Bill Simmons has been famous for using over the course of his  career.

The former of these two sources provides the topic foundation of this article–how Butler implanted the idea of  “asking them to join” into the minds of bigger conferences–while the latter is the format of this article.

The following is a live diary of myself trying to grasp how “the Butler did it”, leading up all the way into this morning’s press conference where they will make the official announcement of its arrival in the Big East.

Let the games begin.

3:45 am: Damn sleep troubles. I guess it isn’t so bad. Being a night owl allows myself the ability to think; to ponder life’s question and reflect on life’s past. If you’re trying to subject your mind to an even deeper level of internal dissection, look no further than the movie Inception. As the revolutionary movie runs for a second time in the background, I find myself digging through the depths of my mind, searching for how, as my dad would put it, “old baby Butler” went from mid-major darling to powerhouse player in what feels like overnight. How ironic that I currently ask myself if I am dreaming about the dawgs joining the Big East, while watching Leonardo DiCaprio enter a dream within a dream.

9:45 am: So much for this clever idea. Sleep arrived early last night and apparently neglected to allow my 5:45 am post. Due to the fact that the press conference is starting in about 15 minutes, I will have to save the Inception/Butler connection for later. Long story short, Butler success implanted the idea-of adding it to the conference- into the minds of the big conference leaders. Currently sitting in the back of the press room with Collin. We were the first ones here. While ordinarily that would reflect maturity and intuition, in our case it reflected lost lamb like characteristics, since this was our first event without our dear friend Rob Brown. Eventually, one of Butler’s staff members asked if we were covering the event, and told us to go inside…safe at first.

10:01 am: Fashionably late to the party the room goes deathly quiet upon the arrival of the Butler based Four Horsemen. The most embarassing thing that could possibly happen would be if a cell phone went off right now. Seriously, like this would be worse than the premier of the #1 movie in America. Better check that to be safe…..we are good.

10:05 am: President Danko quick to drop the contract with Fox Sports One. This is crazy. Half a decade ago, Butler was rarely on ESPN and featured on Horizon League tv’s website. This is truly amazing. Also, Mr. Collier speaking with that same premise of excitement, building on the exposure that Butler will further enjoy from this move. I’m just excited I won’t have to search forever to find the games.

10:10 am: Coach Stevens very happy in the long term aspect of this move. Points out the benefits outside the athletic program in the long term, but also from a short term aspect of the experience players can gain from this competition. Off-season isn’t focused on the opponents, but rather this young team featuring six freshman.

10:15 am: Press conference under way with a lot of different questions. One that strikes me the most is the fact that despite these big moves, Brad is still sticking true to his one day at a time motto. Comedic value is the fact that he had a two-slide presentation for freshman players last week on “what a Bulldog is” and “what a Bulldog isn’t”. I can just picture how that process went down.

10:30 am: First question in a press conference in my young career; definitely butchered the wording at first, but hey practice makes perfect. I asked Brad what he would do more of the same/differently towards entering a new conference. He said it was different trying to learn a new opponent especially when March rolls around and you’ve only played most opponents once, but they would approach it in a very similar way. He further built on the fact that a good mix of young/old is featured on the roster this year and should help overall. He closed with the fact that they aren’t going to focus on everybody else this summer, but rather they are going to focus on themselves. He thinks they have a “road map on how to be successful”. If there is any road map I want to be apart of, it would be one guided by Brad Stevens.

10:45 am: Presser concluded. Stay tuned to twitter and right here on The Bark of Hinkle for the lastest fall out from this historic day for Butler Athletics.







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